Project development & studies

IEE develops independently or as contractor projects in the fields of renewable energies and energy optimization. From the vision to the operation of a project, we continuously keep an eye on the technical feasibility and the economical profitability.

Project coordination & construction supervision

Based on top-quality engineering services, we guarantee our customers a time-frame and investment cost oriented service. In our work, we attach special importance to a later smooth and economic operation of the projects. We offer our services in accordance with the HOAI, Germany's official scale of fees for architects and engineers.

Technical and economical feasibility studies, specialist consulting for energy solutions

To give innovative ideas a solid foundation, we create studies assessing their technical and economical feasibility. With the results, we advise our customers and develop practical solutions.

Accessing subsidies

Researching, applying for, and optimizing the large number of subsidies and public funds permits many innovative projects to operate more economical. To our customers, we offer our ample services and our experience in the field of environmental and energy-related funding.

Inspections & expert opinions

We offer a broad range of inspections for facilities and give expert opinions tailored to the needs of our customers.


24/7/365 Technical and commercial plant management

With the commissioning of facilities, we offer our systematic services for their uninterrupted and economical operation. Criteria are, for example, the required security and safety regulations and the economic project data. We offer our service for transformer and switching stations up to 380 KV as well as wind and water power stations.

Gird connectivity from the first design study to the commissioning

The integration of renewable energy plants into the public and private grid constitutes one of the main areas of our work and experience. Following the existing technical standards and taking the economic constraints into account, we have implemented a large number of solutions in various grid systems.

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