Energy Consulting

Reducing energy consumption - reducing cost - protecting the environment

Proprietors and tenants of a building can receive government aid for a certified consulting on energy saving. The responsible government agency is the "Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle (BAFA)" (Federal Office of Economics and Export Control).

Your advantages:

  • On-site visit from our certified specialist
  • Checking the building envelope (outer wall, basement ceiling, roof, window, etc.) and the installations (heating, hot water generation) for problems
  • Calculation of energy consumption
  • Consultation report with measures for saving energy, efficiency analysis
  • We will show the energy consumption and possibilities for reducing it
  • Cost estimation for various possible modernizations
  • Consulting for getting public funding
  • Personal consultation during the process and at the end

BAFA funding

  • For residential buildings (with building application / notification before 12/31/1994 and < 50% later changes), granting of additional funding from the BAFA is possible
  • Maximum funding for 1-2 family houses 300 €, residential buildings > 2 living units 360 €
  • Grant application form before start of our consultation

Energy Consulting


For a funding by the KfW Bank (CO2 building refurbishment), we recommend on-site consulting.

You can find more information at
Guide - Healthy living through right airing and heating (in German):

Building Refurbishment
Basis: Refurbishing an average single family house, built 1970, 150m² living area
Source: Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (dena, German Energy Agency)

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