Welcome to the IEE GmbH

The IEE Ingenieurbüro Energieeinsparung GmbH offers services in the following areas: certified energy consulting; grant application and financing support; development, planning, realization, and operation of facilities for energy saving; generation of renewable energies; assessment studies for potentials in the energy industry; and the technical operation of electrical facilities.

ETAETA - an initiative for the future of energy

The Greek letter Eta is the symbol of a German electricity suppliers initiative for a responsible energy policy, which is meant to reach into all areas of the society. In physics, Eta denotes the efficiency, describing the effectiveness of the energy application.

The IEE Team

IEE - Motivated for a sustainable energy industry

Saving energy does not mean back to the Stone Age or renunciation, but a more efficient use of our resources.

Comprehensive energy saving models, in combination with the use of renewable energies, guarantee an environment-friendly future energy consumption.

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