Areas of Expertise

Our areas of expertise

  • Comprehensive engineering services for planning, approval, construction, and grid connection of installations and systems for renewable energy generation, such as wind power, solar power, small-scale water power, regrowing raw materials, as well as alternative heating and cooling systems
  • Certified energy consulting and Energy Performance Certificates for businesses, communities, and residential buildings
  • Energy plans and studies for renewable energy installations and for building and housing areas
  • Calculation of economic efficiency, comparison of financing options, and help in getting public funding
  • Special measurements, such as voltage and insulation, grounding and lightning protection, and grid analysis up to 380 kV
  • Expert opinions, consultations, accident analysis for electrical systems up to 380 kV
  • Technical and commercial plant management for wind and water power stations, transformer and switching stations up to 380 kV
  • Certified thermographic diagnosis, damage assessment for building physics, industrial engineering, power station engineering, electrical engineering, research

Energy refurbishment
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